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Concierge Medicine

The aim of concierge medicine is to provide a more customized solution for healthcare with a greater focus on healthy living, wellness, and preventive care, as well as increased access, support, and advocacy not available under standard medical insurance benefits.

As a very personalized system of healthcare, concierge medicine offers greater access through expanded hours, longer visits, and direct contact with your provider through secured email, text, phone and teleconference.

This is very convenient for clients with busy lives and crowded schedules. Concierge medicine is on a membership basis with a limit on enrolled members to ensure each Elite Health member receives ample time and attention to their needs. A membership or program fee does not take the place of medical insurance as that is still required for labs, diagnostics, certain medications, specialists, emergencies, and surgeries.

Elite Health Executive Health and Wellness

Concierge Medicine Services

The Elite Health Membership also offers access to extra services and care options such as discounted medical spa treatments, supplements, skin care products and procedures.

Initial Physical Exam and All Follow-Up Visits throughout the Year

ENHANCED Timely Access to Providers (follow-ups, phone, email)

Complete Dietary/Fitness/Medical history review

Medical and Aging Disease assessment, screenings, and management

Full Hormonal Optimization and Weight Loss Programs. Nutritional and Fitness Counseling

Complete Laboratory Analysis-including Blood Counts, Chemistry/Electrolytes, Cholesterol Panel, Inflammatory Markers, Organ Function Panels, and Complete Hormone Panels

Body Fat Composition Analysis ($50)

Dexa Scan- Bone Mineral Density Screening (done at Diagnostic Center/ $200-if not covered on insurance)

Customized Treatment and Follow Up Plan with full access to discounted practitioner pricing for pharmaceutical hormones and supplements

We are committed to constant innovation and customized health and wellness approaches for our patients' health and beauty goals.

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